The poster must be written in English with a size of 90 cm wide and 100 cm height. Regarding the type of font, authors can choose their own style. The recommended font sizes for a scientific poster are as follows:

Title: Cantered. Font size 60, all uppercase and bold.

Author(s) name(s): Font size 60. The initials in capital letters and the rest in lower case letters; all bold and centered. The name of the presenting author underlined.

Address and affiliation: Font size 36. Uppercase or lowercase as appropriate, without bold, centered.

E-mail: Font size 28, without bold.

Subtitles: Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion, References, Grant (if applicable): Font size 36, bold, justified left or centered.

Text: Font size 32, without bold, text aligned to the left or both sides.

Legends of Tables and Figures: Font size 28, without bold.

Logos: Institutional logos may be added, depending on the authors' affiliation. It may be displayed at the top or at on one side of the title.

Any other detail is left to the authors' free choice, always taking care to present the information as clear and concise as possible. Posters must be displayed on respective dates from sept 5-8 between 10:00-17:00 h. During the poster session the presenting author must be present for answering eventual questions. This requirement will be verified and considered at the moment of issuing the presentation certificate.

The author may submit the same as PDF copy to organizers to display it as e-poster