Local Organizing committee
Dr. M.R. Dinesh Director, ICAR-IIHR, Bengaluru
Dr. P.C. Tripathi Head, Div. of Plant Genetic Resources
Dr. C. Aswath Secretary, SPH
Dr. T. S. Aghora Principal Scientist , Div. of Vegetable Crops
Dr. A.T. Sadashiva Head, Div. of Vegetable Crops
Dr. Prakash Patil Project Co-ordinator (Fruits)
Dr. R. Venkattakumar Head, Div. of Social Sciences & Training
Dr. H.S. Oberai Head, Div. of Post Harvest Technology
Dr. K.S. Shivashankaral Head, Div. of Plant Physio & Biochem
Dr. M. Krishna Reddy Head, Div. of Plant Pathology
Dr. A.N. Ganeshmurthy Head, Div. of Soil Sci. & Agril Chem
Dr. B.N.S. Murthy Head, Div. of Fruit Crops
Dr T M Rao Head, Div of Floriculture and MC
Dr. I.N. Doreyappa Gowda Head, CHES, Chettalli
Dr. H.S. Singh Head, CHES, Bhubaneswar
Dr. H. Ravishankar Incharge, ATIC
Dr. C.K. Narayana Incharge, PME Cell
Dr. Leela Sahijram Principal Scientist, Div. of Biotechnology
Dr. K. Umesh Dean, PG Centre, UHS Bengaluru
Dr. G.K. Mukunda Prof., UAS, Bengaluru
Dr. G.G. Harakangi Chief Administrative Officer
Local committees
Chairman, Finance committee
Dr. M. Krishna Reddy Head i/c, Division of Plant Pathology
Chairman, Field demonstration and Exhibition committee
Dr. A. T. Sadashiva Head, Division of Vegetable Crops
Chairperson, Registration Committee
Dr. Meera Pandey Principal Scientist, Div. of Plant Pathology
Chairperson, Floor Arrangements & Felicitation Committee
Dr. Nita Khandekar Principal Scientist, Div. of Soc. Sci. & Training
Chairman Local Hospitality committee
Dr. Anil K. Nair Principal Scientist, Division of Vegetable crops
Chairperson, Food & Refreshment Committee
Dr. Debi Sharma Pri. Scientist, Div. of Plant Physio. & Agril. Chem
Chairperson, Publication Committee
Dr. Leela Sahijram Principal Scientist, Div. of Biotechnology
Chairman, Publicity Committee
Dr. R. Venkattakumar Head, Division of Social Sciences & Training
Chairman, Poster Presentation and evaluation Committee
Dr. H. Ravishankar Incharge ATIC , Division of Social Sci. & Training
Chairperson, Travel desk for delegates
Dr. P.D. Kamla Jayanthi Principal Scientist, Division of Ent. & Nemto.
Chairman, Cultural Programme Committee
A. Bhanu Chief Tech. Officer (Works)